We offer a wide range of solutions geared to reduce the risks caused by unethical practices. These are global solutions tailored to local needs.


We provide holistic and tailored end to end services that help you to adequately address risks arising out of the abuse of office.  Managing these risks can never be one person’s job.  It takes all in the entity to play their part to safeguard your resources and people.  And that is why we work with you to embed appropriate processes.  Our risk management service entails an assessment of the control environment, risk assessments bespoke to individual divisions as well as assessing the monitoring and response mechanisms.


Our holistic approach to incidence response, comprise a tailored end to end service that ensures that reported suspicions are disposed effectively minimising ensuing risks.



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Investigations and incidence response

Our investigations address a wide range of risks such as fraud, sexual harassment, bribery, money laundering, nepotism, conflict of interest, etc. We also conduct forensic accounting and audits as well as special reviews of similar nature. We will also work with you to develop and implement a holistic incident response framework.

System and process review

We conduct integrity risk reviews in systems and processes to strengthen and rebuild robust controls that mitigate risks.

Process and procedures

We assist you to set up a governing framework for corruption related matters. This includes drafting appropriate anti-corruption policies, incident response plans and other related processes..


It is important to consistently assess the adequacy and effectiveness of your whistleblowing systems. Our consultants work with you to conduct reviews that enhance stakeholder confidence in your whistleblowing mechanisms.

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We develop and deliver bespoke training programmes suitable to address corruption and other ethical risks you may encounter.   Below are examples of what we do:


In house employment investigations training – This is suitable for staff who have an added responsibility of addressing employees concerns.


Incident response training – This is suitable for staff who have management oversight for resolution of employees concerns.


Corruption risk awareness and prevention training – suited to help you build up fraud prevention controls in processes.


Fraud and corruption risk detection training – designed to help you uncover underlying irregularities within your processes.


Code of conduct training – suitable inhouse and for your third parties.


Conflict of Interest awareness and risk management.

And many more…